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My Counselling Fees

I aim to be as flexible as possible with my counselling fees, giving you a choice about how often we meet and how you pay

I would urge you consider an initial course of at least 6 sessions, one a week to begin with, on the basis that counselling is an ongoing process of change. It needs focus and it needs impetus, which is difficult to achieve in just a couple of sessions. My counselling fees are offered on a single session or multi-session basis.

Initial consultation

I ask all of my clients to come for an initial consultation, which is priced at £45 for 1:1 counselling clients, and £50 for a couples consultation.

This is a 1 hour relaxed session that gives us an opportunity to have an open, two-way conversation about your reasons for seeking support and the different ways in which I can help.

Importantly, it’s also a chance for us to see if we get along! Establishing a trusting and honest connection right from the outset ensures that you will get the most out of your sessions.



After the initial consultation, if you would like to continue there are 4 fee arrangements for you to choose between.

  • Option 1
  • £60Per Session
    • Book one session at a time, as and when you need.
    • Fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable should you cancel the session.

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  • Option 2
  • £285For 6 Sessions
    • An up-front commitment to 6 hours, at a frequency agreed between us.
    • Fee includes a discount of 20% on standard session fees and is payable in advance. If you need to cancel any session then this is not lost (provided more than 24 hours notice is given) and can be rearranged at any time within 6 months of the initial booking.

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  • New ! Option 3
  • £2506 sessions
    • NEW Option 3 for Young People aged 13 – 19 years
    • £250 for 6 sessions
    • Terms are as Option 2 but with a 30% discount on adult fees

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  • Option 4
  • from £185Per Month
    • Monthly Retainer Plan
    • This most flexible option, giving you consistent, regular and ongoing support to address your problems and give you the tools you need to make a real change.
    • Starting at £185 pcm for up to 4 hours support, this can include a discount of over 25% on standard Option 1 session fees, and offers a pre-agreed number of hours to be used every month in any combination of face-to-face, phone and email support.
    • For full details please view:

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Per 90 minute session

Simply pay for your sessions as you go.


For a course of 6 sessions

I usually recommend two sessions in the first month and then dropping to once a month after that.